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Monday, June 7, 2010

How to Create Extra Space and Add Value to the Price of Your Home

Many households in the UK would benefit from some extra space in their home, but selling up and moving to a bigger house is not an option. An ideal way to not only gain some extra living space but a whole new room is to invest in a loft conversion. This extra room could be used to give one of your children a new bedroom or be converted into a fully functioning office for you your new business, there really aren’t many limitations for the ways in which you could use a loft conversion. Statistics even suggest that a loft conversion can add as much as 20% to the value of your home.

Once you have completed your loft conversion it is time to furnish your new room. One obstacle you may have to overcome will be space and the height of the ceilings. The dimensions of the loft will restrict whether some pieces can be added to the room. This can be overcome by varying the range of furniture that is included in the room. If a wardrobe is too tall then replace this with an extra chest of drawers which can be used to store all your clothes. Small items such as bookcases, blanket boxes, chest of drawers and dressing tables are all pieces that can make the most of a tight space or low ceiling. Your clothes can be stored in blanket boxes and chest of drawers, books and DVD’s can be stored neatly in a bookcase. With a little bit of planning and utilising what space you do have, you can turn your loft conversion into anything you like, without having to throw away any of your favourite things.

For more information on how to start planning a loft conversion

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