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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

minimalistic furniture - minimalistic interior

minimalistic furniture

minimalistic interior

minimalistic furniture

Tessa wrote us with a design dilemma hoping we could offer some help: “I am writing to you now with a problem of my own. We live in a beautiful 19th century mansion in Washington, DC. It is gorgeous and wonderful, but we rent it and are not allowed to paint any of the rooms. I am about to move into a different bedroom that is gorgeous, but painted one of my least favorite colors- burgundy.

minimalistic Bedroom

I hate burgundy! I tend to lean toward super bright hues (oranges, yellows, apple greens, etc.) when I decorate, and I am wondering (and hoping) that you guys might have some suggestions of what could possibly look good with this awful dark mess. Anything I have tried makes the room look like either a men’s smoking lounge or a cheesy Victorian salon. I haven’t seen you post many pics of burgundy rooms, so I thought you might have some cool ones hiding somewhere. Please help me out.”

Получерminimalistic bedroom

It’s cool, it’s chic, it’s artsy and classic. In fact, decades after the “minimal look” first appeared on the design scene, it continues to be a favorite among designers, architects and homeowners. Minimal furniture (and the fewest number of knick-knacks possible) can do exactly the opposite of what you might imagine. Instead of drab and sad, a minimal space can look high-impact and dramatic. Architectural details and features suddenly pop out.

home interior

Light shines through. Somehow, an uncluttered space suggests abundance and affluence (or at least good taste) rather than paucity or scarcity. A minimal home is like a woman who resists slathering on makeup. She knows that no matter how beautiful she is, too much make-up will only call attention to the make-up, not her beauty.

minimalistic bedroomminimalistic bedroom

Many of us already know this instinctively, and that’s what keeps minimalism so popular through the decades. But some of us who have accepted the philosophy of minimalism are grappling with a different question: how can we achieve a minimal look that still works for daily life? Can minimal be clean and chic, but cozy and comfortable too?

1. Choose furnishings with the utmost care. If you’re going for minimal, every piece of furniture you own has to be functional, comfortable AND beautiful. You can’t waste space with a chair that is comfortable and ugly, or with a sofa that is beautiful but uncomfortable. Every stick of furniture in your home must fulfill the twin requirements of function and beauty.

teen room minimalistic bedroom  interiorteen room minimalistic bedroom interior

2. Don’t abandon decorative touches. Yes, a woman may wear minimal make-up but she’s usually doing herself no favors if she wears none at all. Small, carefully selected decorative touches can have a special impact in a minimalist space. A single painting, a dramatic houseplant, an interesting pendant lamp, a beautiful rug, can warm up a home without seeming overdone or cluttered.

minimalistic bedroom interior

3. Make use of built-ins. You love minimalism but you have plenty of books. How do you handle them? The secret: incorporate plenty of built-ins that can stand in for furniture. So if you have books, opt for built-in book shelves. If you love television but you don’t want a lot of audio-video equipment cluttering your home, think about a built-in projector. Built-ins can include dining nooks, window seats, built-in couches and chairs, and storage units. In the room above, built-in shelves provide a space for books without interfering with the pared down look of the room.

4. Go multi-functional. Everything in your home needs to do double-duty. A coffee table needs to function not just as a place to set a coffee mug, but as a storage unit for books, magazines or toys. A couch needs to function as seating, but also possibly as a bed for guests. Chairs should be light and mobile enough to function as seating for long conversations, or as theatre seating for television viewing. If furniture can’t serve more than one purpose, it shouldn’t be in your home.

5. Pay special attention to materials. It’s hard to fudge mistakes in minimal homes. For instance, we’ve heard of homes with beautiful concrete floors that can’t be cleaned without getting stained. That’s not functional or beautiful. So when you choose flooring, countertops and fixtures, make sure you choose resistant, hard-wearing materials that can stand daily wear and tear, because after all, not much can be swept under the rug in a minimal home.

6. Relax the rules, just a bit. Let’s say you’re afraid that a minimalist home will feel bleak and colorless. Well, feel free to break a few rules! Introduce colorful ethnic rugs in your space, or a fluffy flokati pillow. In the kitchen below, a few measured decorative touches — like throw pillows and house plants — counterpoint the crisp modern laminate cabinets. A few unexpected twists will make your decor feel fresh.

Florida Bedroom Interior Designersbedroom interior source:

7. Tweak your home as time goes on. You may start off with a completely minimalist home, and find that over time, more treasured objects make their way into your space. Or you may start off with a cluttered home, and slowly eliminate unnecessary objects. Whatever tack you take, maintaining a home that really works is always a process calling for constant reevaluation: is an object worthy of bringing into your home? Will it serve a purpose? Is it beautiful enough? Is it comfortable enough? If you think carefully as you furnish a minimalist home you will find its possible to make a simple interior lively, eclectic and comfortable, too.

Blend of Style- Home interiors

Home interiors Home interior

As an interor designer and artist Gary Decker creates a unique blend of style. Gary Decker adopts a professional approach in all his home interor design assignments and that involves his clear understanding of the expectations of each of his clients.

Home interior

Luxury Home

Once Decker gets a clear vision of what his client needs, he provides them with various design and decor options. Gary Decker’s ideas are unimaginable and he specializes in providing interior designs suited to the different situations and varying budgets of the customer.

master bedroom5 Modern Master Bedroom Ideas with Pictures

Luxury Home interiors

master bedroom Modern Master Bedroom Ideas with PicturesLuxury Home interior
picture source:

Thursday, April 2, 2009


I'm not sure if this has already been posted but this is a stunningly beautiful Provincial style guest cottage in Historic Maldon, Victoria (the centre of the goldfields) Australia.
Heatherlie was featured in this months Country Homes Ideas magazine - Owners Robyn and Ian Slattery have made extensive renovations to the pretty circa - 1880's cottage which features a classic bullnose verandah, open fireplaces with slate hearths and floors polished in Baltic pine. The main house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms that can accommodate up to three couple, so it's great for a group of friends looking for a quiet break. All rooms boast soft comfortable queen-size beds and luxurious white linen, while the bathrooms have deep claw-foot baths and stylish Crabtree & Evelyn products.

Guh....I'm swooning at it's neutral colour palette, earthy textures, warmth and comfortability.

This is exactly the kind of place I could see myself relax and unwind whether a romantic trip for two or with 4 of my closest friends :)

It's all about the details isn't it? :)

^^ I love eet!

Winter is approaching and so is my need to get away from the city. What a fabulous find. Thank you CHI!!

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