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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happiness is....

Winning another Ebay auction!

I've been looking for the perfect French bakers stand for my kitchen for years. Naturally, the style that was my favourite was indeed the most expensive kind. An authentic Provincial stand or forged iron made from Le Forge. These unfortunately were a little out of my reach so I then turned to trusty Ebay. As they say, good things come to those who wait.... With perseverance, patience and damn good luck I found and won my ultimate prize at a bargin price.

The Lyon galvanized iron bakers stand retails for $1795. I won my baby for $188.50!!!

She is more beautiful than I could imagine and is quite the show stopper in my home. I almost felt guilty when I went to pick it up cause I'd won it so cheaply. The previous owners said they were sad to see it go but were excited as they were remodelling their kitchen. Well it certainly has come to a new loving home :)

I'm still trialling ways of display but I really like my fruit and veg baskets at the bottom. I am thinking I need Judy from Lily G to hook a sister up with some blue and white ginger jars ;) Can anyone else make any suggestions?

btw we just finished repainting the kitchen ( it's a little hard to tell with my poor photography skills) with the colour Beige Chalk by Taubmans. Thank you Haley from Porchlight Interiors for the inspiration! I LOVE IT!

The home my new baby originally came from was in another of my favourite blue ribbon suburbs of Sydney called Pymble. This is the kind of old established leafy suburb that has an eclectic mix of quiant traditional homes as well as ultra contemporary.

The home I'm featuring is just one example of the older darling residences I'd love to buy. If it were mine I'd probably try to encorporate some ornate ironwork to the panels beneath the windows and change the front steps.

Lovely entry foyer with beloved floorboards and plenty of light.

High ceilings and large rooms are something they just seem to forget about with todays building standards.

I love the built in cabinetry. I have PLENTY of nik naks to fill those shelves lol. I would rip out the carpet and replace it with parquetry hardwood floors and fill it with French treasures.

The family room is smaller but still full of light. I would replace the kitchen with antique white cupboards and stone countertop. I would perhaps replace the flooring with travertine limestone tiles.

What a sweet bedroom. I just love timber, colonial, double hung windows. Another feature you don't see often anymore.

A lovely outdoor area complete with climbers.

(pics of home via

The pool needs updating but still a relaxing spacious area.

It's not a large home with only 3 bedrooms but with a few modifications I would be quite happy living here. This house has been sold so good luck to the new owners :)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rachel Riley and Caroline Arber Photography...

The August issue of Country Living UK featured an absolutely stunning French country home owned by clothes designer Rachel Riley.

From the magazine - With it's quirky turrets and rococo orangerie, framed by formal gardens, leafy apple orchards and seemingly endless fields, clothes designer Rachel Riley's 16th-century chateau on the borders of the Loire Valley is the quintessential fairytale castle.

That it is! I LOVE the pastel hues, floral fabrics, gilt furniture and that oversize stone fireplace!

That is my dream living room right there. I would even decorate it almost identically :)

(pic 1 & 3 courtesy of frolic)

All the dreamy photographs of this home were taken by another wonderful discovery - Caroline Arber.

Discovering her website was such a treat. With a range of subjects such as Interiors, Lifestyle, Food and Flowers she really knows how to capture such beauty and warmth in even the simplest things in life.

Following are a few favourite images of her work, Enjoy! :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New book alert...

I have a gorgeous gorgeous new book to add to my library and I had to share.

For those of you who LOVE blue and white - and I KNOW there are many of you, this book is a MUST HAVE!

I have only just begun reading it but it is literally filled with stunning imagery of many different styles including Beach, Moroccan, French, Cottage and Contemporary.

Loads of yummy patina including old furniture, shutters and doors,

Exquisite fabrics,

And heavenly scenes.

I know you'll love it as much as me, it has something for everyone. Enjoy!
Find it here.

Picture Love...

(image courtesy of Tara Bradford @ Paris Parfait)

No words necessary.

Monday, September 22, 2008

A Parisian Triumph!

I am seriously jumping up and down (on the inside). The new much anticipated Brad Ngata hair Salon, designed by Scott Weston is now completed and open for business!
If you haven't already seen Desire to Inspire's posts or mine for that matter about this incredible establishment then check it out. This hair and beauty salon was completely inspired by the quintessential Pink Parisian Princess Marie Antoinette.
I'm completely in awe of it's beauty. I can't believe it's actually in Sydney. What a treat to sit amongst such pretty surroundings, eating a pink cupcake, drinking tea from a floral china cup all while having your hair cut, coloured and styled to perfection. It would certainly bring the princess out in me thats for sure lol. I HAVE to book my sisters and I in for a girly pampering day of bliss.
Mr Weston, you've out done yourself!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Indulgent luxuries...

Ok now for something at the completely opposite end of the spectrum. I have discovered this company called Sweet Dreams via a blog I can't remember the name of (argh I'm so sorry). Sweet Dreams is a fine furnishings company who specialise in luxurious fabrics and trimmings sourced from around the world. This company has been around for 15 yrs so I'm sure my American pals know and love their heavenly wares well.

This was an exciting discovery for me and I was practically speechless as I was scrolling through their site. At approx $300 US a pillow it's lovely to dream about someday being about to afford their royal pieces.

Following are some too-die-for examples of just what Sweet Dreams has to offer. Possibly one of my favourite designs is the Angelina (pictured above). The soft blue and green tones are so calming and soothing and perfect for the bedroom.

Angelina Table Cover.

Angelina Runner.

Angelina Throw.

Bellissima Table Cover.

Malmaison Runner.

Momentos Bedding.

I also LOVE this Jasmine bedding.

Now we move on to the pillows. This one called Chelsea Garden is my absolute favourite. Look how splendid she is?! I love her so much! LOL ;)

Jasmine Pillow.

Antoinette Breakfast Pillow.

Look Brookie they even have Dragonflies!

Printemps Boutique Pillow.

Giverny Boudoir Pillow.

Giverny Boutique Pillow.

Daniela Boutique Pillow.

Daniela Boudoir Pillow.

Scuttlebug Boudoir Pillow.

Anniversaire Pillow.

And the piece de resistance - The Scuttlebug Ottoman! WOW what a beauty!!

The details and textures on all these pieces drives me crazy. I love my needlepoints for my livingroom and I sure love my silks and trims and emboideries for my boudoir.

Here was just a small selection of some favourites I picked out. There are so many more breathtaking designs to choose from please check out their website if you dare ;)

May your weekend be full of Sweet Dreams :)

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