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Monday, May 25, 2009

7 Guide to beautify the room

Beautify a room or rooms are not that easy. To arrange a room such as bedroom, dining room or need ideas of harmony and creativity. Despite so, beautify the space it is not difficult. You can also do it yourself as long as know how and the right guidance. Well .. here are 7 interesting tip from Julie Mihaly which can be a guide beautify your room.

1. Making a sudden collection

Or select Start collecting similar objects in your home. Place the object in one location to create a collection of a sudden. This collection can invite the attention and may be of value that you previously never consider.

2. Avoid symmetrical pattern

Symmetrical indeed make an impression on the regular and kalem a room, but if excessive can make a room feel stiff and static. So, make regulation more flexible. If your furniture is arranged in symmetrical, attach the asymmetric wall decoration, or put in more freely.

3. Set the use of space

Specify the use of a space with the position furniture. Place the chair's position is closer to the area where chitchat or chatting. In the living room, you can also create a pattern trafic who are non-intrusif position when you arrange furniture. This is important so that you remain comfortable and undisturbed by other activities such as while watching TV.

4. Do not have an empty corner of the

Do not leave any one of the corner of the room in the house that is knowledgeable or relieved so make gaze into empty eyes. Fill corners with a variety of ways ranging from installing a series of family photos, put a comfortable chair, a flower or plant pot filled with light or angle of interest.

5. Decorative With flowers

Interest will make an impression and a beautiful color on the room. But you need not always provide the bouquet. Use a glass vase or as a vessel containing water leaved branches, plants, or nails, other types of plants. Branches, leaves and even the rarely even appear, to give the impression graphic - considering the use of a small vase.

6. Do not attach too high

Place wall decorations or pictures within view of its eyes, or about 60 inches from the floor.

7. Set Speed light

Light can change the taste and mood of the entire space. Arrange lighting in the room so that terasan comfortable. Tata is an important element of light that make each room appear more beautiful and more effective functioning. With the light, you can make a room feel comfortable for the activity. Light can also make a room so cold, so ideal for relaxation. Conversely, the poor will not be making the room comfortable for both of them.

Using the dimmer, light intensity can be regulated at the heart to obtain the appropriate atmosphere mood. Any decision that you specify, will be very influential on all aspects of the room. Light and shadow can create a decorative element or furniture look more beautiful.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

My home, lots of sun

A mother makes a layer of the glass area of 4 m2 in ceiling spaces guests. The optimal light successfully get it, but hot enough in the space-especially when the blazing sun is shining.

To overcome the sting of summer, the mother had to install AC in the room. Result, the temperature in the room to be quite cool, but it still feels hot, so AC should continue to work with a relatively low temperature! The desire to get the ideal light, but has met the high temperature in the room had spent much energy and money. This story illustrates that the real light to enter the house without planning would create inconvenience.

The main problem when designing natural lighting in the home is how to overcome the heat and glare due to sun radiation. Meanwhile, for the quality of light, similar principle, such as artificial lighting (light from the light source). stars ?????- architect who designed several times skylight-menuturkan, natural lighting design begins from the determination of the function room followed by a list of activities in that space. Of analysis can be found a list of needs, including the needs of light.

In general, the inclusion of natural light divided into 2, side lighting (light from the side) and top lighting (light from above). Side lighting (such as a window) have other advantages, that is, the view outside to enter the room. In many cases, the window often can not be made-usually because the wall adjacent neighbors. Thus, light can only enter from the top (top lighting). With top lighting (such as a skylight), we do not get many view as a window but the light that is more equitable and quality.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

5 Reasons Need Bathroom Remodeling

"Status" bathrooms are now no longer simply "toilets" or "back" make so many families willing to pay extra to fix it.

Bathroom is one room in the house needs the most attention because it can no longer be located on the back of the house and become "indicators" to measure how grubby or how clean the owner's house. Activities there are issues with the jog water also need to make do with a careful treatment.

Therefore, a bathroom could have been so checkered face many times while the room or the house that still stand as others at the time the house was first built. Then, what other reasons that make people feel or need to consider to enhance this area?

Past memories often become inspired or consideration for the design or renovate bathrooms they have. People willing to spend tens of millions only to pursue "the past". Elements of emotional talk, even just for a bathroom affairs.

In addition to emotional considerations, consideration is also a rational reason. People may even wish to bury the past and choose something more practical, more simple. Or more contemporary and more modern. Consideration may also want the atmosphere as masculine or vice versa, feminine.

Here are five rational and emotional reasons why people feel need to renovate bathroom

1. Changing the elements that have been damaged or do not start work.

This is the rational reason why people renovate bathrooms. Wood that is often obsolete as water, toilet that is opaque and the float is damaged, paint the walls began to fade due to air in the bathroom, container vessel that is leaking water, the bathroom floor slippery and muddy start or rembes, are some examples of why and bathroom renovation is seen as imperative and urgent to do.

2. Want to change the model.

Bathroom made concurrently with the age of the home that is tens of years. When new, the model may be more room ngetren and distasteful. But year after year turns, the model bathroom with large bathtub, for example, have missed the period. Bathroom with hot water lines may be the requirement. Model bathroom with bathtub may be needed rather than tub or shower. Vice versa can also where people prefer to shower rather than bathtub or vessel for the reasons you want to participate in the movement of water sparingly.

3. want to get the atmosphere and the view is different.

Bathroom wall with a dark ceramic measuring 20x20 or 10x10 even more jadul certainly impressive bathrooms older. Moreover, if the motive or the color also has begun to lag. Changing the wall color of the bathroom light to dark or vice versa, or changing patterns of flower-flower to be plain, or replace the bathroom walls cartoon image of children, will create the look and atmosphere in the bathroom changing total. The atmosphere of the new or different can also be obtained from the change accessories, lighting, and the trappings in the bathroom.

4. Want to feel more relieved or even more succinct.

Size or area can have a long tail. There was a bathroom is too narrow so it should be expanded, although only one of the friction wall several tens centimeter. The others would feel too Iuas bath tub room, so it seems futile. Indeed, the bathroom is a good "fit".

5. Want to add a function.

Later, not only bathroom for a bath or as a lavatory. cleaning of the soul can also be done in the bathroom, for example, with a bath while listening to music or reading. Here, bathroom ago not mean more 'room "or" back room ". Other function that can be incorporated with the bathroom as the room is a store (with a walk-in closet), or even therapy room (eg, with stone-install rock in the bathroom for reflection foot massage).

Monday, May 18, 2009

Oakwood Interiors Design

Oakwood Interiors features value and a lifestyle of distinction with its mid-to-upper line of fine furniture. The elegance of oak and craftsmanship are perfectly balanced to answer your need for style and quality.

Home Interior Decorating Ideas

Choosing a theme style interior should not only follow the trends because of course, but is tailored to the personal tastes. Clothing fashion trends may still be followed, because we can change it every day, but not the case with a home interior. How effective is a fairly ask themselves and their families at home, style and theme of what is appropriate to apply. Family haracteristic will affect

RV Interiors Photos

Today's RVs (also called motorhomes or campers) are equipped with so many more add-ons and luxuries than in the 70s or 80s. You can expect to pay at least $10,000 for a used class C Forest River RV up to $150,000 for a brand new, top of the line class A Forest River RV. RV's have a host of sizes, styles, services needed and values that all play an active roll within the pricing structure. Knowing

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Re-arrange Bedroom

Up back bedroom does not have to spend energy. Re-arrange bedroom can be either simple, not exhausting, and does not drain bag.

Make room to be more interesting can be done simply. No need to dredge the room elements such as ceiling, wall, or floor. The most simple, simply re-arrange the furniture, colors to give a different, and place one or two elements that make a room more comfortable. All that can be done at any time. Can spare time in working days, or during the weekend, where we usually have more time more space.

Dig new ideas

In re-arrange a room to sleep, important issues that need to do is explore the idea of new regulation. This idea can be found anywhere: in the literature books, magazines, internet, or from a friend. Which is also not less important is this idea should be in accordance with our needs and personality. Avoid applying ideas that do not match and not make a room more comfortable.

Change style and colors

To get a new look in the bedroom a short time, can be done in ways easily. For example, change the color style beddings. If used more often use the plain view beddings, then for the next color can be selected colors figured others. Where the right choice is up to return to the personality each of us.

Change the position of furniture

In addition to talking a matter of style and color, change the atmosphere in the bedroom can also be done with re-arrange the position of furniture. In the case of furniture up, most do not see the size and design of furniture. A cupboard have an empty space to swing in before the door can be opened so that the maximum. A bed vacant in the area require both sides to be able to function optimally. Tables should be placed in television before bed so that television can be enjoyed while back.

Blueprint image space

In managing bedrooms, condition of room is very influential. Therefore, the solution penataan a room with other rooms can be so different. To facilitate re-regulation in the furniture, try to sketch the image space. Specify the position of doors and windows, or other elements that are not or difficult to move. Thereafter, confab confab first position on all funitur a sketch image.

Image sketch, complete with room sizes and all furniture. Thus, when it decided to replace the position of furniture, then slide the effort will not replace the destroyed. By doing so, the back up can be more quickly completed and we can immediately enjoy the results.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

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