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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ladies we have a winner and 7 things about me...

And the winner is........

Da da da da da daaaa........

Mel from Melsrose place!!!! Congratulations gf!

Thanks so much everyone for loving my giveaway, it was a pleasure to do.

I used the same method that Mz A-M and Mz Brooke used by allowing my trusty beautiful daughter to draw the winner from a Tiffany's bag no less :) I tried to photograph the action sequence as best I could lol.

I'm sorry I couldn't provide this prize to everyone but if you wish to email me your address I'd LOVE to send you an Aussie Christmas card.

I'd now like to apologise for my lack of posts this week. The most remarkable thing has happened to me. I mentioned to an acquaintance, fastly becoming a great friend, about my blog and me finishing my design studies and she asked me to come around and give her some advice. I went and advised and she was so thrilled she is insisting on paying for my ongoing services. She then mentioned me to a friend of hers and now I'm working on her home also. Finally this week I was hired by a third acquaintance. My head is spinning! Everyone wants to get alot of work completed by Christmas so I found myself working harder this past week than I had in years lol. Perhaps Villa Anna Interiors will take off faster than I could have ever imagined.


(image via The Paris Apartment)

Now I'd like to thank Lena from Charm Hill Interiors and the lovely hardworking ladies at Mondo Cherry for including me in their 7 things about me challenge.

The rules - Share 7 things about yourself. Challenge 7 other blogs at the end of your post through naming their blog, and post a link to it. Let them know they have been challenged by leaving a comment in their blog.

(my Pa with my son on his christening day)

2, My Nan and Pa were and always will be my heros!! The BEST grandparents a person could ever wish for....Unconditional love and support with never a moment of judgement.

(my Nan holding me in 1974)

(my momma on my sister's wedding day)

3, My mum is my best friend, my role model and my rock. Like alot of you she too was the one who introduced me to the beautiful world of interior design. She's worked in the medical industry all her working life but she studied Interior design as a passionate hobby and in the 80's our home was featured in two magazines. I'll post those images this week, they are a hoot! :)

(me aged 3 on a family trip to Fiji)

4, I am the oldest of 3 sisters and no brothers. I am very close to one, another is a corporate workaholic but we catch up whenever "she" can lol and the other is rather a black sheep if you know what I mean lol.

(me and my sister Sarah - the workaholic lol)

5, One of the highlights of my life was meeting my teenage crush Jon Bon Jovi! He's alot shorter in person lol.

6, Growing up I thought I wanted to be a journalist and then an actor hahaha!

7, Finally back in the mid nineties I did a 3 month road trip of the USA and absolutely had the time of my life....I am BUSTING to go back someday :)

Once again I think pretty much everyone on my list has already participated so if you haven't and you'd like to please send me the link so I can read your answers!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Winter Home Decoration ideas

Winter DecorationWinter Home DecorationWinter Home Decoration
The biggest difference between summer and winter
home interiors is the colors and comfort we want to create. Summers mean giving an airy appeal to your rooms while winters are all about getting cozy. So as the cold weather sets in go for a collection of cozy and fluffy throws to give the home furniture a snuggling feel. After all your furniture should look inviting and comfortable in the winters as well. Nobody wants to settle in a cold looking room. Try going for silk throws to give a rich look to your interiors. They look exceptionally well for those special occasions.

The winter also gives us a variety of flowers all bright and pretty. So make your flower arrangements with holiday
colors and flowers. One can have flower arrangements in pine decked up in brass containers. One can also go for clear crystal vases to give an elegant look to your flower arrangements.

Playing with colors is very easy in the winter season. Go for cushions and pillows in dark patterned prints. One can even experiment with a variety of fabrics. From silk, suede, satin to velvet there are many variety out there. And if you are fond of decorative plates to give an elegant look to your living room then go for holiday designs bringing out the essence of Christmas, New Year and other festivals.
Home Decoration ideas
Home Decoration ideasHome Decoration ideas
Another important element for any home
decor is the draperies. Since it is not easy to change the curtains go for the reversible ones that can give you the desired depth or airy feel according to the season. Make your room interiors bright or neutral according to your requirements. But what about centerpieces for your tables? well there are a whole lot of things right from crystals to dry food items as well. And then we are very sure that there are those long lost pieces that can make excellent centerpieces if you only bring them out and make them the center of attention.

Other winter
home decor accessories include rugs that can make any place look cozy and warm. The best point of winters is that no matter how much colors you use, if they balance each other then you are going to create a striking feel for your home decoration.

And if you are looking for something to make your kids room lively and peppy then how about adding some extra stuffed animals and colorful posters. It will not only make your kid giggle with joy but also give a completely new look to its interiors.

For halls and pathways, try your hand on different photo frames and pictures. You can simply select nice pics from magazines and get them framed to give an elegant look to your interiors. It would give a unique look to your
winter home interior decor.
Winter tree decoration
Winter Garden decorationWinter Garden decoration
So this
winter give a completely new look to your home interiors and enjoy the chilly winters to its fullest.

Country Home Decoration Ideas

Rustic and country decor is one of the favorite styles of home decorations nowadays. Being one with nature and having a decor that complement your choice is simply a dream come true. And if you know someone who also enjoys country home decorations then selecting unique gifts for them is a complete pleasure. In this section of country home decor gifts we bring together different ideas to make the house decorations charming and completely unique. Make your friend’s home a haven as you select from these different country gift ideas.

Country Home DecorationCountry Home Decoration

Pots and Baskets Country Home Decor Gifts
One of the most important things to keep in mind while selecting gifts for country home decor is to keep it on an informal note. Adding some copper pots and baskets to your decor will bring out the warm and friendly feel in your home decorations. These items make great gifting options as you have a varied range to select from.

Charming Accents

Add some charm to your gifts by presenting some dried flower arrangements. You can even gift an attractive flower vase to go with it. Other than flowers other attractive gift ideas include potpourri that is a favorite of all nowadays. Scented candles and lanterns are also interesting gift ideas for country home decorations.

A Cashmere Throw
Lampshades victorian Country Home Decor Gifts
If you are looking for a luxurious gift item that is simply irresistible then go for a cashmere throw or even chenille one. This soft throw is just the right thing to add some magical color to any room decor. This gift item is multi-purposed and can be put over a chair or even a sofa set, giving a cozy feel to the room. This country home decor gift idea is perfect for house warming gifts.

Table Linens
Table linens in floral prints and soft colors go very well in a country themed decor. This gift item comes in different styles and patterns and can be given on just any occasion. If you want to add further to this gift then go for cutlery matching to the table linens.

A Bird Feeder
A perfect idea for a country home decor gift is a bird feeder. If the recipient is a nature lover, then he is sure going to love it. Avoid the plastic feeders, as they have no charm or elegance to them. Rather go for a perfect piece that adds to the decoration of the house. You can select feeders in all types of different shapes and sizes.

Lampshades Country Home Decor GiftsLampshades
Lampshades are a part of every type of home decor. A perfect home decor gift idea, you can select lampshades in just about any budget. Most of us think, that country home decor means a rustic log hut appearance. But that’s not at all the case. Go for bright and attractive lamp shades and your gift is sure to find a place in their home decorations.


Discount Home Decor Ideas

Giving your home decor a unique style statement and that too in a budget is what this section on discount home decor ideas is about. Give your home a completely new look with some great discount home decoration tips for different rooms. These discount decor ideas are inexpensive and also give your rooms an attractive appearance. So read through these different home decor ideas and enter a completely new world of decoration.
Discount Home Decor Ideas formal home decorHome Decoration Ideas
Little Bits of Green in the Kitchen
Kitchen is a place where the hub of the household remains. So why limit its decor style. It should be as lively and bright as any other room in the house. To add some light and newness to your kitchen add some green plants. You can use old or unused drinking glasses to put some plants like money plant. If you have a window then you can hang some small pots to give a natural look to your kitchen.

Children’s Room Discount Decor
The focal point of kid room decor has to be bright and fun. Kids love bright colors, so let’s make it bright and peppy. Add designs in different shapes and sizes like circles, squares and triangles. You can easily get these shapes by adding some stick on foam shapes. Paint the walls in a way that it complements the room. To give a more impressive look one can paint the ceiling with stars and clouds and moon. It will really make your child laugh with joy. One discount home decor idea is to add some stickers to the curtains. This will give a fresh look to your usual and old curtains.
Discount Home Decor Ideas ecart

Bathroom Decor Luxuries

Bathrooms can be as stylish as any other room. With some simple bathroom accessories you can give a complete makeover to your bathroom. Nowadays toiletries are as trendy and fashionable like any other room accessories. The basic essentials include tissue paper and toilet paper. Also add some scented soaps from different parts of the world. Simply wrap them in an attractive way and you have yourself some attractive decoration options. You can even arrange them in a basket to give an attractive look. Complete the look by adding some matching towels to the set. Another discount decor idea for the bathroom can be adding shower curtains to add some vibrancy to your bathroom.

Attractive Living Room Decoration
Discount Home Decor Ideas curBedroom Decoration Ideas

Have a strong impression as people enter your house by these simple discount decoration tips. Add some simple twigs and branches and arrange them in a vase for the living room decor. Go for the bigger options, rather than the small ones. Also add some artificial flowers. Smaller flowers go better with bigger twigs. If you want to give a stylish look simply ignore the flowers and spray paint the twigs in unique colors like black, red and golden.
Discount Home Decor Ideas fresh leaves
Dining Room Discount Decor
A cheap and easy idea for dining room decor is to make the dining room table attractive. Add some tablemats along with a matching tablecloth to add some color to your dining room. To give a personalized look, laminate sheets 11 by 17inch and put old birthday cards, family pictures and just about anything to make an unusual display. These laminated tablemats are also very easy to clean.

Lighting can do wonders for your home decoration. So go for different types of lighting fixtures to give your room an attractive look. Use different height combinations to create the desired effect. For those special romantic evenings one can also have scented candles placed in an attractive manner to give a cozy feel. Light fixtures come in different ranges and one can always opt for the discount options that are available.
Dining Room
Discount Home Decor Ideas bqthroom livingrooDining Room Decoration Ideas
So giving your home a bright decor is not at all an expensive affair. With the right selection one can do a lot in discount home decors

Tips for kid’s bedroom interior designing

Your child’s bedroom is a place where he spends most of his time at home, we must pay special attention to organizing and planning of the bedroomkid’s bedroom interior designing

1. Always choose high-gloss paint for the children’s room, because it is can be washed.

2. This is a great concept of the wall paintings are based on a theme of your child’s choice

3. To save room space, buy multifunctional furniture for your child’s room.

4. Give due attention to the bathroom by including non-slippery tiles and decorating it with water toys.

Style is the main factor while choosing kids bedroom furniture. Knowing what style you are looking for can make shopping a lot easier.
kid’s bedroom interiorkid’s bedroom ideaskids bedroom design

Whichever style, brand or variety of kids bedroom furniture you choose, it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. Just keep in mind the most important things, safety and comfort. Bedroom is a very important personal room, where your child should get the best rest and relaxation.

Decorating a Child's Room

8 Simple Strategies to Make You Both Happy!

Decorating a Kids Room When it comes to decorating a child's room, your approach should be much different from decorating an adult bedroom.

For kids, their bedroom is where they play games, read, listen to music, day-dream, or just go to be alone sometimes. So use these eight strategies to help create a space that will make you both happy:
Child's RoomDecorating a Child's Room
1. Talk to your child. Find out what activities and fantasies he or she enjoys; what their favorite color is; and what's unique about their personality that a theme could be built around.

2. Allow your child to help. Let them have a say about colors, fabrics, and how they want to display their collectibles.

3. Make the room multi-functional. Since children use their room for many activities besides sleeping, it should have several different zones, such as a play area, reading area, and entertainment area.
kids room

4. Make storage a priority. Try shelving, large decorative wicker baskets, plastic see-through containers, and closets that contain plenty of shelving and racks.

5. Keep window treatments simple. Avoid long draperies. Shades, blinds, and shorter curtains are safer choices. The fabric should be versatile, and patterns should be repeated in other items in the room, such as in pillows, quilts, lampshades, bed ruffles, etc.

6. Choose the right lighting. A child’s room should include both task lighting for homework and reading, and soothing light for quieter times. A nightlight is also important.

7. Use wallpaper or paint (if it is allowed in your lease) to add color and texture. You can apply whimsical borders along the top edges of the walls, and clouds or stars on the ceiling. Make sure walls are washable, so if you are using paint, choose a semi-gloss or gloss finish. Kids love bright colors, but you should limit any strong color to only one wall.

Child RoomsChild's Room Decoration

8. Allow your child to select the design theme. Here are just a few: firehouse fun room, starry night, angels, rainbows, unicorns, baseball, a bedroom for a princess, underwater scenery, outer space, race cars, airplanes, trains, jungle motifs, wizards and dragons, and dinosaurs.

Decorating with your child offers a great opportunity to display your playful side, while doing some memorable family bonding, so have fun with it!

by: Michael Holland Source:

Home Remodeling Tips

Home Remodeling Tips

Remodeling your home while giving it a high-end look and style is what each one of us wants for our house. Making the best out of the money spent and giving a new image to your home is what we talk about here. Bringing out the best in your house requires careful planning and organizing. Whether you are remodeling for selling purpose or to upgrade it to a modern lifestyle these tips and ideas will resolve a lot of conflicts that rests in your mind.
Home Remodeling Tips
Keeping a close eye as what will still look good after 15 years, here are different home remodeling tips for the different rooms in your house. Guide your way through each individual room and decide on how you want it to look and then start working on it.Home Remodeling modern

The Lives of the Rich and Famous
Well we are not talking about any TV soap here. But taking a close look at their home styles is a good way to set your gaze for the coming years. According to a recent survey it was found that the changing trends in the house remodeling styles are guided by the high-end homes. So if you want to foresee what’s going to be the hotcake of the neighborhood in next 6 years then a quick trip to some of the open houses in the up class and affluent communities is a good idea.

Make it Durable
One of the very important factors for any house is the durability of the house. Invest your money in materials that can endure the test of time. Avoid cheap materials, as they will start to show gouges as years pass by. Instead go for quality substance so that you don’t have to put energy and money on it later on.

Think Bold and Different
One interesting home remodeling tip is to make your home look interesting and different. If you are thinking from the selling point also, go for something that will appeal to the next generation. One of the easiest ways of doing this is by adding some custom glass tile and bold colored countertops in kitchens and washrooms.

Home Remodeling Tips for Rooms

Every room is remodeled in a different way. So let’s take a closer look at how each of these rooms and upgrade them to the latest trends of today.

Modern Kitchen Design Pictures
Kitchens are one of the most difficult places to maintain. So while remodeling keep things simple. You can go for the classic granite counter top or have something that adds warmth to your kitchen. Though colors are hot and in right now, it may phase out in the coming years. Therefore investing highly on red stove and matching top should be avoided. Go for subtle colors that are perfect.

The Bath
Copper-Bateau-Bath.jpgHome Remodeling
Well to start with the utilitarian concept is out. Think big – think spa. Make space for your whirlpool tubs, multiple showers and even provision for steam shower. If you want to try something more upscale then go for towel warmers, heated floors etc.

Storage Rooms
Storage rooms no longer mean an attic or some small room that has no other functionality. Instead just like any other room in the house, storage rooms also have a personality of their own. If you have a spare room in your house then try remodeling it by adding some cabinets and closets. Make space to keep your food items and also things that are not required on an everyday basis. You can also remodel it by making space for your hobbies and recreation corner.

A Thought for the Elderly
One important tip to keep in mind while remodeling your home is sparing a thought for the elderly in the household. Make the home more accessible so that they can move around more comfortably and freely. While remodeling have wider hallways and doors. This will even be useful when you want to move bigger pieces of furniture as well. So whether you have parents living with you or visiting for a while, this is going to be of a great help.


Tropical Home Decoration Ideas

Tropical home decor is the easiest way to feel the cool ambience of the islands around you. When one thinks of tropical interior decorations, one relates to sand, leisurely vacations and the tranquility of the Caribbean and Hawaiian islands. As you start conceptualizing the tropical interiors for your home, close your eyes and imagine the blue ocean and green vegetation around you. And what can be a better way to relax than to simply enjoy the feel of vacation right from your home.

Color Combination In Tropical Interiors

Colors play a very important role in tropical decor. The islands generally have vibrant and bright colors mostly in floral patterns. In home interiors one can use yellows, reds and oranges with some whites and greens in the background. One can also add banana trees, colorful animal and bird prints and motifs to complete the tropical look.

The most popular colors in tropical home decor are earthy tan, ivory, beige, camel, blues and greens. Also popular are light golden and subtle shades highlighted with black or deep brown.
Tropical Home Decor Ideas

Furniture for Home Interiors

Tropical decor requires colorful floral patterns. So add some vibrant cushions to your furnishings. If you are selecting furniture for exteriors then teak furniture is a good option. Beachwood is extensively used in tropical decorations. If you want to go for a natural look then go for bamboo or rattans. These furniture materials are very durable and comfortable as well.
Tropical Home Decor Ideas

Tropical Decorations for Homes

When selecting decorations for homes bright flowers play a major role. Orchids and red Protea are the favorite. To complete the tropical feeel add some artificial palm trees in the corner. You can of course go for the real ones if the climate and space permits. Other than palms one can also opt for larger plants with lights in the corner to have a tropical feel.
Tropical Home Decor Ideas
Water is a key element in tropical home decorations so how about having some rock or bamboo fountains. One can add some foliage around the fountain to give the feel of a hidden fountain. The soothing sound of water is going to add to the serene ambience of the rooms. The next important element is the windows so give it a personalized style as well. Bamboo blinds, panels from plantation give a breezy and warm look.
Tropical Home Decor Ideas

Motifs and Decorative Pieces

Handicrafts are an important part of the tropical decorations. Coral and shell handicrafts are some must have items in your tropical decor. Don’t give your home a cluttered look and instead of going for small pieces, select larger decorative pieces. Jungle look is also very popular. Try out different animal hides and hang them on the wall to create an unusual look.

The fabrics chosen for a tropical home decor are never stiff and hard. On the contrary they are soft and supple. Ottomans, pillows and other accessories normally will have leafy or jungle designs.

Tropical Home Decor Ideas

Tropical Decoration

Materials for Tropical Decorations
Materials and fabrics need to be carefully selected as well. Go for those baskets, rattan, wicker chairs and wall coverings. Stone tableware looks great with tropical decorations. Have strong and sturdy glassware to

Home Decoration Accessories

Home is a world that we call our own. It is the abode where you can come back and simply be yourself. A place that is cozy and inviting, making us smile each time we open the door. A lot goes into making our house a reflection of our taste and style. And this is where home decor accessories come in. With some personal elements, colors, artifacts and furnishing we turn a house into a home.
Home Decor AccessoriesHome Decoration Accessories
Creating the right home ambience that becomes a reflection of our persona is what’s assured by the unique and different home decoration accessories. Right from contemporary home decor to the traditional look, there are different ways of making your home look attractive and appealing.

In this section of home decor accessories one can find different ideas to give your house a complete makeover. Right from flower arrangements for your center table to different home furnishing ideas, everything is right here.

Home accessories are the simplest way to deck up those dull nook and corners of your house. An attractive wall decor accessory can make all the difference to a room. With pottery, antiques, rugs and much more, the colors of beauty are sure to make your abode classy and picture perfect.

Select from these different home decor accessory ideas and give your home a completely new look.

* Flower arrangements
* Wall decor
* Carpets and rugs
* Glassware
* Sculptures and paintings
* Pottery and ceramics
* Wrought iron home decor
* Antiques
Home Decor Accessories picturesHome Decor AccessoriesHome Decoration Accessories

Cheap Home Decoration Ideas

Decorating your home in the right way doesn’t always dig a hole in your wallet. It is simply letting your creativity run loose and adding some tit and bits. You will be surprised how by simply adding some wall accessories or painting one section of the house in a separate color can make all the difference. In this section of cheap home decor ideas we bring together different tips and ideas to change the look of your home, giving it a stylish makeover.
Cheap Home Decor IdeasCheap Home Decoration

Whether it is the holiday look you want to create or simply sprucing up your home for a new look, it is quite affordable and simple. Simply follow these simple guidelines and you have yourself a completely new interior home decor.

Let’s Get Started
One of the easiest and cheapest ways to start with your interior decorations is collecting those magazine clippings with illustrations. Once you have them all together, write down your own personal likes and dislikes and then start working your way through it. It is always better to do one room at a time and not let everything be scattered around.
Cheap Home Decor IdeasCheap interior solutions
Selecting the Right Furniture

One of the most important aspects when going for cheap home decor is the furniture. If you are planning to buy some new furniture, think out how versatile is it. Select furniture pieces that have multiple tasks. For example when you are trying to select a entertainment center, then go for a piece that can keep both your music system as well as the TV. Try to have room for your DVD and decks all in one.

One can also go for second hand furniture for home decoration. For example an old dresser can fit quite snugly in your bathroom giving you a place to store things. Simply put the mirror and sink on top of it and you have yourself a cheap home decor idea in place.

Another easy way to add some newness to your home decoration is by simply rearranging the furniture. Pull all the furniture away from the walls and put them in a new position so that they have a more inviting angle to them. This will also help to change the look of the room in whole. Cheap Home Decor Ideas

An easy and cheap home decorating tip is to play with colors. It is the simplest way to spruce up a dull room. Paint the walls according to your liking. It is always advised to go for subtle and soft colors. Keep the daring and bold colors for your home decor accessories that can be changed easily. When selecting the color, make sure the corresponding room complements the color. One can even go for the color break that is very much in nowadays. One has to be careful while selecting the theme of the color break. Take the help of your painter to get the best combination for such a room. Finally add a wall accessory that has the same color or nearby similar colors and feel proud at the wonder.
Cheap Home Decor Ideas

Deck the Walls

One more easy home decor idea is to deck the walls. Inexpensive wall accessories are a great way to get creative. Take out those family pictures add a personal touch to your rooms. Even creating a collage work and putting it on the wall is a great way to spice up your room.

Home Interior Lighting

Believe it or not, lighting plays a big role in giving that warm and inviting look to your home. Do away with those blaring white lights and go for dim lighting. One cheap home decor idea to get this done is by mix n match technique. Just switch the lamp bases and shades for some trendy looking lighting solutions.
Cheap Home Decor IdeasCheap Home Decoration Ideas

Add Greenery To Your Interiors

Adding plants to your home interiors is a cheap way to add freshness to your room. If you are not too keen on natural plants, artificial ones will do equally well. Just place them around the different corners of the house and get a completely new look.

Home Interior Decoration

Home interior decor is one of the most personal and creative experiences that is shared by anybody as they step into their abode of joy and dreams. Creating the perfect home interiors for you is not something that can be done in haste. With the right wall colors, furnishings and home accessories, one creates the right look for each room.Home Interior Decor DecorationHome Interior Decoration

A home interior decoration is always a reflection of the taste and style of the people living in it. Planning the look and feel of each room is no less than a work of art. With the changing lifestyles, the concepts of designing have also undergone changes.

The new home decorating ideas, designs and products are streamlined in a way that requires minimum maintenance giving adequate space and style to grow with your own individualized touch. So in a way we can say that the style of today’s interior decorations is a perfect balance of practical and personal designs, inspiring us to renovate our home again and again. There are different home decorators offering different themes and trends in home interior decorating.
Home Interior Decor Decoration design ideas
What are the most essential ingredients to make a home cozy? Well one can say:

* Organization
* Comfort and
* Reflection of personal style

And if we are looking for an home interior decor style that will be blend of all these, then the answer is ‘transitional style’. This is a new style of home interior decoration that is fast growing strong. In this interior style there is a blend and mix of traditional and contemporary elements, giving your home interiors a trendy retro look.

Today’s idea of space is defined by hiding the everyday items that don’t gel in with the interior room decorations. It is much more preferred to open floor plans and keep the entire family connected with small nooks, giving each individual the desired privacy. According to the leading interior designers, people nowadays want interiors that are livable and not simply showplaces to be admired.
modern Home Interior Decor Decoration Interior Decoration
After all there’s simply no place better than home…

So now let’s take a closer look at the different aspects of the home interior decor adding style and grandeur of our house.
  • Ceiling

  • Flooring

  • Festive decor

  • Furniture

  • Wallpapers
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