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Friday, April 30, 2010

Home Interior Design Ideas

Appreciating a modern Inside the Hobbit House

Asked to design a fitting repository for a client’s valuable collection of J.R.R. Tolkien manuscripts and artifacts, architect Peter Archer went to the source—the fantasy novels that describe the abodes of the diminutive Hobbits.

“I came back my client and said, ‘I’m not going to make this look like Hollywood,’” Archer recalled, choosing to focus instead on a finely-crafted structure embodying a sense of history and tradition.

The site was critical too—and Archer found the perfect one a short walk away from his client’s main house, where an 18th-century dry-laid wall ran through the property. “I thought, wouldn’t it be wonderful to build the structure into the wall?”

Not only did the wall anchor the cottage, but stones from another section were used in the cottages construction. “It literally grew out of the site,” Archer said.

Perhaps stranger things have happened in Tolkien’s world, but few houses in this one go to such lengths to capture a fictional fantasy in the context of architecture. Here are some details.

Inside the cottage, a bench seat rests below the “butterfly” window, so called because its center-hinged panes take on the appearance of the insect’s wings when open. The divided-light look is created with gridwork affixed to both sides of the insulated glass.Inside the cottage, a bench seat rests below the “butterfly” window, so called because its center-hinged panes take on the appearance of the insect’s wings when open. The divided-light look is created with gridwork affixed to both sides of the insulated glass. Photo by: David Thorngate
Like the butterfly window, the cottage’s round 3-inch-thick front door is made of Spanish cedar by cabinetmaker David Thorngate of Newark, Del. Though the round door is used as an entryway, a more conventionally shaped (and discreetly concealed) 3-ft. x 7-ft. door in the back of the cottage conforms to code and, Archer concedes, makes it easier to get in and out. To the right of the round door, an electrical outlet is disguised under a metal box.

Fresh Green House at World Financial Center

The Hudson, an eco-friendly, traditional prefabricated house developed by New World Home and Country Living magazine, will be on display at 220 Vesey Street at the World Financial Center from June 4 to 17, where visitors will have the opportunity to tour it before it departs for its permanent residence in Vernon, N.J.

The two-bedroom, 1,600-square-foot house was designed by Country Living editors and developed by New World Home to look like a classic country cottage, with fireplaces, oversize windows, a 1,100-square-foot wraparound porch and an open floor plan. But because it is modular, it can be built in a factory in just 100 days, and will cost as little as $395,000 to buy. (The Hudson is one of five green home designs by Country Living and New World Home, ranging in size from 1,100 to 2,300 square feet, with an average price of $175 to $225 per square foot.)

French Style Home Accessories

French Style Home Accessories
French style home accessories can brighten your decor. A French look country kitchen can be decorated with cheerful colors and expression. Antiqued cooper, colorful ceramics, aged, sturdy earthenware and decorative metal and iron add French accents to home decorating efforts.

Adding a touch of southern France to your kitchen can be organizational as well as welcoming and stylish. You will want to use accessories for decorating that are as pleasing to the eye as they are useful. Carved wood and old paintings along with vases and dishes to hold vegetables and fruits are a must. A wrought iron pot rack can be softened with floral accents in abundance.

Celebrate functionality in your French style accessories. Have a cutting board handy but make it a rustic well-used one and put it on display. Show off stoneware and canisters as you use them also for decorations. Display unique bottles of cooking wines, spices, vinegars and oils. Don't hide the large ceramic serving platters, bowls, pitchers and colorful ceramic canisters. Instead, display them on the counter where they are ready for use.

French style uses worn iron and metals, aged wood surfaces with rough finishes. You may want to choose wrought iron light fixtures and iron wall decor. In the kitchen, you could use a pot rack above the sink where large pots can be hung to dry.

Rustic urns and Mediterranean pottery along with woven baskets give a home a French style warmth and glow. Use of art and stone along with color will enhance your theme. The use of different shades of red and yellows will wake up a room. Wrought iron and metal are essential French accessories.

The casual magnetism of French furniture is practical. Use accent tables in wood with iron, marble or carved tops. The iron may be scrolled. A table may be planked with a rustic look seating up to twelve people. Here, accents of metal are appropriate. Shades of red add to the accessories for color and warmth while yellow and dark blue are often married.

Draperies and candles are added to the bedroom furnishing to add a romantic touch. Even a masculine bedroom has candles and drapes. There may be iron decor on the walls to keep the masculine feel. The use of wrought iron and other metal will keep it from getting a feminine look. Use layers of woven tapestries to add depth, and use glass to add a touch of refinement.

Wall art is another way to add the look of France. The use of matting and frames will enhance artwork and keep it up-to-date. A wall tapestry can be framed by wrought iron accent pieces. Texture, theme and color is what a tapestry is all about and it will help in the decorating of a room. You can use bold colors or use a soft tapestry to give it a softer look. Your choice of tapestries can set the mood for the room.

Interior Design All On-Line

Interior Design All On-Line
Can it be done? Yes, you can indeed find all the needed design elements for a room make over from on-line resources. The photo on this page shows a round coffee table, side table, accent chair, ottomans an area rug and pillows. Every one of these design elements have been purchased to furnish a client's living room. The pieces are sourced from 5 different on-line vendors, 2 of which are accessible to the professional design trade only.
The most important step in this process doesn't change whether you are buying furniture on-line or from a store in your home town.


When we refer to a design plan, we specifically mean creating a scaled space plan (1/4" =1'-0") for the floor plan, and (1"=1'-0" ) for any elevation views which should be constructed for any focal point or feature walls in a room. The floor plan will identify the placement and sizes for each design element.Careful consideration to the style of each piece and how they visually connect needs to be given. The scale and proportion of the furniture needs to be well matched; each piece to one another, and all pieces to the room proportions.

Enjoy Style and Function With Beautiful Interior Window Shutters

Enjoy Style and Function With Beautiful Interior Window Shutters
Finding the right window treatment can be a challenge. Window shutters may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you're trying to find the right window covering, but they are a wonderful, versatile choice.

Wood window shutters marry form and function in your home. They let you let light in or keep it out as needed and they look great doing it! Available in a number of styles, colors and materials, there's sure to be a shutter to suit your tastes. Design professionals can inform you of what options are out there and can work with you to find the best choice for your space.

On a practical level, interior window shutters or plantation shutters are a great choice. Because you can adjust the angle of the slats any time you want, you have complete control over how much light comes into a given room. If you want full light you can open the shutters altogether. If you want total privacy you can shut the slats completely. It's up to you! Because of its presence and thickness, an interior shutter also provides superior insulation, so your home maintains a consistent temperature without using as much energy for heating and cooling.

In terms of look and style, there are a range of shutters out there. You might want the old fashioned look offered by a plantation shutter or you might have an unusually shaped accent window that needs a custom-designed shutter. Whatever your needs, an interior design professional will be able to help find what's best for you and for your home. Most window shutter companies also offer products in both natural wood or a wood/polymer composite. This means that you can order shutters in a number of colors and looks and that there are shutter options for a range of budgets.

Interior or plantation shutters provide a unique, finished, streamlined look for your home. In addition to their functionality, the timeless elegance of their overall design matched with your specific style in terms of shape and color make interior shutters an excellent and versatile choice for any room in your house.


Minimalist garden design

How minimalist design for the home garden?
Park home owners increasingly become the status symbol. Mix & match style house with a garden can produce a unique look and increasingly reflects the owner.

At present, the park houses not only as a mere supplement, but it's getting just as important as architecture and interiors. Even for some people has become a symbol of prestige. The better someone's home garden arrangement, reflecting the social class of owners.

Park in your house. Same personal with home design. It is expected that the design reflects not only personal but also supports the home owner activity and the needs of residents of the space. From the head of the family, wife to the kids.

For example, one of the lifestyle trend now is to hold a garden party with a barbeque in the evening or late afternoon. Of course, we will gladly run this program when we garden with good design, especially at night.

If we have children who are active. Obviously need a roomy place to play. Garden elements such as swings and play ground equipment that other children can we match the garden design.

Certainly many aspects that must be taken into account in designing the park. Although we do get help from the landscaper, still we must pay attention to the important aspects in the design of the park, namely: expansion of existing parks, activities shall be accommodated in the park, the harmony of gardens with buildings.

Like architecture, garden design known in a variety of gardens. What is the type of garden? There are various types of parks are generally known. Distinguished by the cultural background and geographical origin of the development of the park. Differences in composition and animating characters that used the park.

There are so many types of garden that a traditional cultural background and geographical. There's Japanese garden, china garden, garden french, American, English, tropical Bali, a tropical Thailand and Japan, there is a growing garden suitable times, such as garden modern, minimalist and dry garden. Each type reflects a strong character and have different effects lover.

That one architectural style developed today are minimalist. This style emerged after World War II. Nowhere on Those days lots of people's houses destroyed by the war so That the government make a home in modular form (Standard and Poor 'in Aceh now), WHO is easy and cheap workmanship but still with the design well. Key features of this building is a simple form, without ornament and emphasis on function space.

Simple and without ornament is suitable to the spirit and lifestyle during this period. Simple and emphasis on function. Unfortunately in Indonesia, this minimalist style so expensive because it is not made of modules that are available and must be custom made.

Distinctive minimalist building is at least ornament and color who tend to be styled 'industry' is a white, gray and black.

Houses do not have minimalism minimalist garden as well. Mix & match (solid-match) of the various garden-style residential homes can make you look more stylish.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Beautiful Baths, Creative Storage

Almost every one needs more storage in their bathroom. Perhaps we all need to get a bit more organized, but if you are clutter challenged like me, I wanted to show you some wonderful baths by designer, Molly Frey. You may remember a previous post on a fabulous coastal house by Molly here.
I love the bath above. Let's take a look at some of the elements that make this bath fantastic. First, the overall design with the sink sitting upon an open turquoise glass tiled cabinet - a perfect spot for storing extra towels. The wall mirror is framed out with sconces adding the perfect lighting.
A capiz shell chandelier adds a bit of whimsy to the space. I imagine the french doors lead you outdoors to a secluded hot tub - wishful thinking? I also love symmetry and this bath is a great example.

Of course Molly's marble baths are what generally catch my eye. Here is lovely example that was published in Traditional Home Magazine. The middle cabinet is open - again a nice spot for baskets or extra towel storage. Notice that the cabinets have "feet" to give the sink base the illusion of free standing furniture. I also love the sconce in this bath.

The tub is tucked under the eaves of the home in front of a gorgeous window and next to it we see another area for storage.
Here is a more streamlined, contemporary feeling bath. Two small boxes topped with limestone add the additional storage here. By not putting small doors on these, the look stays very open and contemporary - Interesting!
A more traditional design also shows you some ways to increase storage. Here the cabinets flanking the pedestal sinks sit directly on the counters. Unlike a kitchen, counter space in the bath can be more narrow to support your toiletries. The small ledge behind the sinks also add a space for lotions and creams.
Here we see a shallow medicine cabinet with mirrored doors built into the design. Not only is this cabinet functional, it becomes a wonderful focal point. This bath also has "feet" on the cabinet base.
The final bath has this cute little cabinet on the left side. A great spot for a razor and shaving cream - or perhaps it hides electric outlets and a blow dryer.
Above are several ideas to add a bit storage to your bath. To check out more of Molly Frey's work click here to her website or here to her blog!
(all photos property of Molly Frey)

Home Interior Design With Wood

interior design with wood materials. Minimalist design in the house

Decorating With Mirrors

Coastal Living Designer Jill Johnson; Photographer Grey Crawford Mirrors can be a great way to expand a space, add interest, make a statement, reflect light or a great view and generally add sparkle. Here are some ideas for incorporating mirrors into your space...Designer Jeffrey Billhuber layered an antique mirror over the window for use with this floating dressing table.Architectural

Window Backed Kitchen Cabinets

When I saw Nicole and Andrew Sheehan's kitchen in this month's Traditional Home magazine (photographer: Werner Straube), I was immediately in LOVE with the window backed kitchen cabinets. (The photo in the actual magazine is more of a close up of the cabinets so you can see how amazing they really are.) Unfortunately, if I did this in my kitchen it would only offer a view into the garage,

Creative Decorating for a Tuesday

Use two (or three) tablerunners horizontally across a table. Gives you a different look and they can double as placemats. marthastewart.comSo let's just say that it's Tuesday (because it is :-) ) and you're looking around your house wondering what little thing you could do today to shake up your decorating a bit. Just a little. Not much. Just something fun or different that you may not

Luxury Scandinavian Kitchen Design

We know we have been featuring a lot of kitchens of late at Home-Designing. But nice designs like these just keep hitting us.
These scandinavian kitchens from Swedish maker Marbodal make use of the typical pale and cool color palettes that you normally associate with kitchens from this part of Europe. Most kitchens are predominantly white, with the surfaces sporting a matte and soft finish. The company has compiled its features in three different ranges namely Family for people with kids, Style for people who like to display their taste and Gourmet for the ones who love to cook and serve. Also, some of them have a few surprises thrown in. Take a look:

Spherical Luxury Kitchen Furniture

These Sheer Spherical Kitchens are a very handful and handy piece of kitchen furniture. It neatly packs into it a table top, gas burners, a washing basin and utensil holder. When not in use it covers up easily and make the kitchen look neat and tidy. These spherical kitchen also come in remote controlled features. When the lid is closed it glows with soft intimate light which surely gives your kitchen a look that it befits.
You can also check out more kitchen designs at Design Arcade which has collections of great ideas.

Spherical Kitchen Furniture
kitchen furniture 1

Spherical Kitchen Furniture Design
kitchen furniture 2

Modern Spherical Kitchen Furniture Design
kitchen furniture 3

Stylish Spherical Kitchen Furniture Design
kitchen furniture 4

Great Modern and Luxury Furniture Design for Stylish Living Room by Hülsta

Great Modern Furniture for Stylish Living Room by Hülsta

This is a modern furniture for your beautiful Living Room has presented by Hülsta, Mento is one of them and is created to bring the clarity and simplicity to any modern living room. The combination of white lacquered cabinets and areas of different shades of natural wood creates a visual impact and look very harmonic. You will find much wit and eye catching solutions with spacious TV units, shelving systems and other elements necessary to provide residents of these products range.

Contemporary Living Room with Modern Furniture
Cool Modern Furniture for Modern Living Room
Modern Furniture Design for Beautiful Living Room
Modern Living Room with Modern Chandelier
Modern Living Room with Modern Wall Unit
Modern Wooden Furniture
White Dining Room with Modern Chandelier
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