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Monday, June 7, 2010

House and Studio by C18 Architekten

This dream villa, located in Waldstetten-Wißgoldingen in Germany and Designed by C18 Architekten, there is a protagonist who prevails over all, but which is not absolute: the white color of eternal purity and elegance, not here but a completely unchallenged power.

Because some other tone check here and there, to dialogue with the timid white ravines, sometimes hidden, but merely add charm, characterized by see-just because I do not see: the inside of the pantry, the inner walls of a corridor of passage, a large desk chairs, so the work plan of the kitchen.

The colors in this way, although mostly hidden, take on unprecedented importance, precisely because it departs sharply from white unifying and overriding, which does nothing but make them more determined.

Note the round window that opens onto the roof of one of the rooms: despite its profound contemporary reminds me so overwhelming the place where the emperor Hadrian was thinking contemplating the stars in his villa at Tivoli.

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