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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Modern Bedroom Ideas

The most popular way of decorating a bedroom today is in the modern style as it allows for the clearest spaces and which provides you with the simplest maintenance regime (especially for those who do not have time to be cleaning all the time). Modern Bedroom decorating is very simple and easy to do and by following the few pointers below you should be able to achieve the modern look you are after.

1. Remove all signs of clutter and chaos from the room (if you don't have the space in your room then store it elsewhere or get rid of it all together). What you are looking to achieve in your modern bedroom is straight lines and organization instead.

2. The furniture you use when decorating a modern bedroom should be plain in either a dark wood or black paint finish. They should also be straight with no curves or ornate markings on them. The reason for using dark furnishings is so that the room has a elegant and sophisticated feel to it. Also you should only use a few pieces prominently displayed in the room.

3. In order to contrast the dark furniture you have in your bedroom you should use very stark colours. Normally a modern room will have whites, greens, blacks and reds as the colours to accentuate the furniture.

4. Do not include throw pillows, blankets in your modern bedroom design as less is more with this style.

The reason why some many bedrooms are decorated now in the modern style is people enjoy the simplicity of the design. It is vital to remember that you should carefully plan any design for your modern bedroom look and that there is no room for additional clutter and it is important that you add the least amount to your room in order to make the biggest impact and hopefully the ideas above will help you in achieving this.

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