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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Kids Bedroom Ideas

For all the time that your child will spend asleep and awake in his or her bedroom, it should become a place of adventure, creativity and imagination. How do you optimize the value of your kid’s bedroom decor?

Tip #1: Figure out your budget. Remember that you can buy small pieces at a time, so you can set yourself a monthly budget or a one-time budget.

Tip #2: Select 3 bedroom theme ideas. Select themes that excite your child. If your child is still too young, begin with a few basic pieces and then build until you have variety and depth in the room. If you're not sure what your child will really like in his room them pick a few small things and see how they react.

Tip #3: Don't select kid’s bedroom decor only for the look and colors. Whenever you're selecting kids room decor you should make sure there is a dual purpose for the item. For example, a kid’s wall clock is not only a beautiful decorative piece to add to the wall to finish out a themed bedroom, but it can also be used to help your child understand when it's bedtime. Dresser knobs on kid’s dresser drawers can be used to teach your kids where the clothes get put away. For example, if you have a safari themed bedroom you can put lion knobs on the top dresser drawer where the socks and underwear are kept. Then you can say to your child to get their clothes from the "lions den".

Starting Points

The center piece of a child’s themed bedroom is always the comforter bed set on the kid’s bed. A bed set normally includes a bed sheet, pillow cases and comforter all matching the theme you've chosen. It’s usually the first thing one sees when entering the room. It’s a good idea to select this first. Usually the comforter set is adorned with most of the characters in the chosen theme. Pirates, mermaids, jungle animals, planes, trains, boats, fish are all examples of themed kids bedding you can find for sale online. The color scheme in the comforter will help you select the base color for painting the walls.

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