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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Residential Interior Design

When someone talks about residential interior design, they refer to a number of factors incorporated into any decor. The factors that include features such as floor coverings light, lighting and window treatments as well as key features such as furniture and wall decor. When all mixed together to produce a coordinated and harmonious, pleasing interiors achieved. Each one of the factors that do not mesh well with the other can throw the whole room off. The principles are the same for both residential and commercial interior design, but the goal is different for each type. Commercial interiors is more focused on the function of temporary residential interior design that is more focused on livability.

Residential Interior DesignBedroom. Bedroom modern home is no longer just for sleeping space but also a space for reading, sewing, talking, watching television, and other work stopped. Many people prefer to make it more like a living room or at least to appear large enough to accommodate other activities.

Residential interior design should encourage easy movement throughout the room, but it is not possible to feel like an alley. One key example of this design is the idea of a triangular arrangement in the kitchen. Major equipment and sites such as refrigerators, stoves, and sinks are arranged in a triangle so that there is no need to take a little walk to reach them.

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