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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Home Design in Different Parts of the World

Did you ever notice that whenever you are visiting a friend or a relative that lives somewhere else than you do, their home may be constructed and designed differently? New homes usually reflect the weather of the area where they are built, the lifestyle and the location – rural or urban.

Houses that are built in areas where the winters are rough and the summertime is extremely hot and humid tend to be built on the outside with stone or bricks and vinyl and composite siding which is both easy to maintain and resistant. If the house is built in an area where floods are a common thing, or hurricanes for that matter, the structure of the building is higher because it is constructed at an elevation level above the flood zone. For the roofs constructors usually use hurricane clips that secures it. The solid structure is not going to fly off or collapse even in strong gusts of air.

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