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Monday, June 7, 2010

Yellow Accent for Modern House Facade Design

The facade plays a key role in building figures show. it became the image that can be used to increase the selling value of the building.

Facade that has appeal to provoke the admiration of people going home. So no wonder if the developers of housing also beautify the appearance of the facade with an interesting shape and color of the seductive game. Especially if the goal is not to increase the selling value of the house.

There are many designs of the facade can be applied to house building. The design plan of the building may be one determinant of the roof. One popular form is the saddle. This form has a field angle junction between two sloping roof. Gable can be combined with any other roof forms or decorations were beautiful. Decorations can be vertical lines or horizontal on the wall, the game exposure material, shape openings, columns, and canopies, as well as color.

An interesting facade type, for one, has a combination of saddle roof and lean. The walls were whitewashed and gray. Window frame and the door was white. The attraction is the accent of fresh lavender on the walls horizontal stripes.

Color on the facade of an accent color or color contrast. Application only on a small wall, but on the side visible. Some developers are also showing a house with a game more than two colors. The colors were paired in the face of the facade, creating a more attractive appearance.

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