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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Interior decorating accessories


The interior decorating accessories or finishing touches to your room are the last step in the design process, unless one of your accessories is the focal point. The steps below will help you complete you project.

Survey the room

Take stock of what areas need to be filled or added to. Look for areas that need to be balance out. Not every area needs to be filled with something. Be careful not to over chachky your room.


Measure the spaces before you go shopping. Measure your shelving areas, widths, depths,. Look for the spaces on top of armoires, fireplace mantles, hearth areas, wall spaces. You get the drift.Write it all down and take it with you when you are out shopping. This will help you stay on track.


Accessories are used to compliment your furniture and/or focal pieces. Look for colors form you adjoining rooms. Light colors compliment dark surfaces and vice versa. If your wall are dark, go for bright accessories. Plants, real or fake, really give life to a room and work with any style.

Shop, Shop, Shop

Shop your home first! Check your attic, check your basement and all the nooks and crannies first. Old prints and painting can be re framed and re matted to fit with you new decor. Your goal is to make this space reflect you and not the local furniture store. Now let's head to the store! Take you measuring tape and your list of measurements. Fill your cart with everthing you like. Then sort through these items by color and size. Double check for flaws, damage and seconds. Blend new purchases with your own personal effects. This will give an interesting and warm atmosphere. If things don't seem to work together-- many happy returns.

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