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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Contemporary Bedroom Ideas

The bedroom is a difficult room to decorate, for the simple reason that it's got that wacking great bed in it taking up so much space. Neverthless, using minimalistic decor you can make your bedroom look quite elegant.

Because the contemporary style of interior decorating emphasizes simplicity, it's often thought that decorating in that style is easy, but it really isn't. Indeed, the simpler something appears, the more complicated it actually is. Because you don't have a lot of clutter around, the items that you do have will stand out all the more, so it's important that each piece can stand on its own as a piece of decor, as well as blend in with the rest of your decor.

Let us consider the bedroom.

The main piece of furniture in the bedroom is, of course, the bed (unless you have a Murphy bed which you can fold up into a wall!) For the contemporary style, you don't want anything elaborate, such as a canopied bed. Instead, the bed frame should consist of an elegant design - sleek lines and straight edges, with nothing ornate. Typically the frame should be either metallic or in dark wood - considered to give a more sophisticated look than lighter color woods.

Bed furniture
What other furniture is needed in the bedroom? Wardrobes and dresser drawers - unless you have a walk-closet. These again should be in dark woods or sleek metallics. An entertainment center is sometimes placed in the bedroom, for those who really like their television. A dressing table with mirror will not be out of place.

What goes on a bed? Sheets, blankets and a bed spread of course, with a pillow each. And that's enough. Don't use throw pillows or an excessive amount of blankets - they just add to the clutter.

No clutter!
Just as superheroes must not have capes, lest they be suck into a jet turbine, so the bedroom (and any other room in the house) should have no clutter. The amount of time spent dusting each individual knick knack could be better used on other projects, and with no clutter, it's easier to find items you're searching for. Without clutter, the rooms simply look cleaner.

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