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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Baby Bedroom Ideas

Your kid’s bedroom is a set space, but there are an unlimited number of themed bedroom ideas that you could use to really bring that small space to life. What you do with the floors, the walls, the angles and the windows is up to you. But remember when you create an environment that comes alive at night or during play time, you are contributing to your child’s intellectual and emotional development. Here are some questions that will help you pick one of the many themed bedroom ideas that you’ll think about:

What are your daughter’s favorite colors? Bright colors have been known to help grow kid’s creative and imagination skills. Strong bold colors also make a room look cleaner. Take a look at your kid’s favorite story time book and see what kinds of colors she’s attracted to. It’s also a great way to get your toddler involved in designing the bedroom with you. Ask her to point out her favorite colors in her book.

What are your kid’s favorite animals? Kids are amazing how easily they relate to animals and will often use animals in their cute ways of communication. Popular themed bedroom ideas for girls these days are Mermaid, Safari, Ocean, and Butterfly themes. A mermaid themed bedroom can spark an adventurous imagination. A safari themed bedroom can bring the jungle to life. One way to see how fascinated your child is with wild animals is to take a trip to the zoo. Use the life experience of going to the zoo to create stories that you can use in the design of your kid’s bedroom.

Your daughter’s emotions and values develop as stories unfold in her room. A story by itself is good. A story that attaches to something in the room stays alive for a longer time. As your child uses or plays with the item in the room, they recall the images and messages in the story. It reinforces their perceptions and continues building values.

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