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Monday, June 15, 2009

Managing kitchen equipment, in the cupboard

Each kitchen set always has a cupboard space for storage. Size and design can vary, depending on the design of a whole kitchen set. Usually there is a set of kitchen cupboards up and down. Some designs also place a high cupboard to store all the kitchen utensils.

Cupboard in the kitchen set 45cmx50cmx200cm size of this photo. In it are six shelves, each up to 30cm, enough to store a variety of kitchen equipment. For example, cooking equipment, cutlery, food and container. Of objects that can be stored in there is highly dependent of the owner desires, because in this there is only a cupboard shelves as well as general cabinet.

Have a large freezer of course be based goals that this cabinet can store various goods. However, although large, not all goods can be placed in there, especially the home-derived. Furniture store in the circumstances must be neat and easy to reach when needed.

For that there are a few things to note, namely: the size of cupboards and shelves, the size of the goods will be stored, types of goods and functions, and how often goods are used.

Goods rarely used, can be stored at the most in the cupboard, or on top of the rack. Instead, place the goods or equipment that is often used, in the most easy to reach, close to the door.

Similarly, the selection rack. Goods that are used infrequently, it is stored in a rack or the bottom up. While the rack in the middle, with a high body we used to store goods or equipment that you use more often. Thus, goods that are often used more easily be reached.

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